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Trading & Distribution

ANNO Chemicals nv has been a silent partner for the Chemical industry for more than 15 years, distributing quality products.

Our product portfolio consists of a permanent availability of several solvents, glycols, specialty products and many more.

Apart from the products that are always available we also source or sell on request, meaning that we assist in finding products that are short in the market or we sell on request products that are long in the market.

Because of our international network, we can open new markets for those who would like to team up with us.

For our warehouses and storage tanks we work worldwide with first class providers to ensure a quality service to our trade partners.

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Industry Assistance

Since our start in 2002, it has always been our goal to be a service provider to the Chemical Industry.

In this modern world of automatization, chemical companies focus on production and the quality of their products. They are not equipped to deal with the hassle of errors in production, slow moving inventory, stranded cargoes.

For that reason we have set up the ‘Industry Assistance Group’, where our people take away the burden of finding outlets for those products that no longer fit into the normal sales program of a producer.

We perform quality checks, dispatch our experts, neutralize and find the best solution, all within the outlined conditions that have been discussed with our Industrial partners before we start the job. We discuss ‘un-branding’, setting up waivers, geographical limitations or any other guideline that may be given to ensure not to disturb the market of the original owner.

Contact us to know how we can make your problem disappear.

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Salvage Trade

Although some believe we did, the team at ANNO did not invent the concept of ‘Salvage Trading’. Beyond doubt we have, however, linked our name to this remarkable discipline in the Chemical Industry.

We deliver our services to authorities, cargo owners, insurance companies and their appointed experts in order to find safe and legal outlets for chemical products that due to an incident no longer meet the original specifications.

As there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when handling such chemicals with respect to manipulation, storage and even permits or local legislation ,it needs a team of specialists to ensure that the correct decisions are taken in order to find the best outlet.

ANNO Chemicals NV never acts as a broker, but takes title of the goods, making our service a one-stop, no-nonsense experience.

Common Questions

ANNO Chemicals NV has over 15 years of experience in multiple aspects of the trade and distribution of chemicals. Storage, shipping, manipulation but also pricing and contracts are topics where we can assist in case of disputes.

We have been requested to give our advice to authorities, insurance companies, lawyers and experts mainly focussing on the economic values of cargoes in distress.

We handle every request discrete, always verifying that our company was not involved in the file presented.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the service we can offer for you.


Since 2016, ANNO chemicals NV started the production of glycols and glycol ethers.

At the site of LLH in the port of Antwerp, we are one of the shareholders of the Antwerp Distillation Company (ADC) producing over 100.000 metric tons of product making ADC the biggest glycol recovery plant in Europe.

The ADC plant was a logic step in trying to offer a full and no-nonsense service to the chemical industry.

ANNO chemicals has always tried to find environmental friendly solutions for our industrial partners, we believe that with adding the ADC plant to our portfolio we have achieved well and that we can tick that box. As the cherry on the cake, the Flemish Government approved our efforts and awarded us a grant as being innovative and green.

If you like to learn more on the Antwerp Distillation Company please contact us